Already Tuesday…

I made it to yoga class after making a mad dash from the office, promptly at 5:30 p.m. yesterday evening. I was able to change into my yoga clothes, drive down to the Fleet Feet store to sign up for the downtown walking program which begins this evening, then back over to the Y for my yoga class.

I was relieved to see the power yo’pli class still in session when I arrived at the class room at about 6:25 p.m. Time to use the bathroom and catch my breath.

Yoga class was great…I feel so old and fat in that class but the stretches and last night’s balancing poses brought my body back into some sort of alignment…I felt so damned good afterward, I was so thrilled I was able to make it last night!!!

I hurried home to catch the next-to-the-last 24 episode…that show keeps me on the edge of my seat and is probably one of the few shows I can actually sit through and watch!!! My attention deficit has been so blatantly lately that watching any one of my shows all the way through without engaging in some other project has been out of control lately!!!

I met with the HR yesterday…I honestly can’t tell how I’m doing. My nerd attorney said I was doing good but had not been diligent in getting a fax sent out last week…the importance of getting a confirmation on a fax that is being sent is crucial to most of our cases…in this instance, it merely delayed contact with opposing counsel, who after 10-days finally got back with nerd attorney with his answer…my main attorney returns to the office today from her little vacation/social networking conference in St. Thomas…she hasn’t responded to the HR about my progress since my probation has started so who knows how I’m doing as far as she’s concerned.

My paralegal seems to be going with the flow…she has reported back to the HR that I’ve been improving and turning around my work faster.

Pregnant co-worker that I stayed and helped on the brief Friday was out sick yesterday…okay, so go ahead and dump your stuff on me…made me really wonder if her threats to quit were more than a bluff this time…wouldn’t that be crazy if she really did up and quit? I mentioned to my cube-mate that the pregnant gal was VERY upset on Friday and threatening to quit…the gal wasn’t surprised and then basically revealed that the gal was more unhappy than ever with her position…she doesn’t think she’ll quit but wouldn’t be surprised if she did…amazing how these 30-somethings minds work!!!

I slept pretty well though I had crazy, crazy dreams…I also woke with a headache, in spite of taking a Benadryl when I went to bed…I slept with several windows open last night as the outside temps got down into the 50s. My house is staying reasonably cool without the AC on, so I’m thrilled and tickled about that…I’ve been keeping a close eye on my water meter…I hate that they estimate more times than they actually read…I’m still paranoid from when the meter was read about 4 months ago and they said I had used 29,000 gallons in one month! I barely use 5000 gallons on a monthly basis.

I start my walking-training program this evening…I’ve got my workout bag all packed and am looking forward to seeing what kind of group shows for the downtown session. The store isn’t opened yet…and I got the impression yesterday evening when I signed up that it might be a long time before there is an actual store opening up…I can’t imagine opening a downtown running store in this economy…but, what do I know…so, one of the older gals at the office is interested in joining me, so we’ll see how dedicated she is to getting herself into shape…I’m excited and looking forward to seeing what kind of progress I can make.

Time to hit the shower…have a great Tuesday!!!

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