My Monday begins with a mission…I’ve already accomplished getting up and around before the alarm…here lately, that’s a major accomplishment for me.

The work day doesn’t seem so ominous before me…which is the new approach to my work days I’m trying to adapt.

I am hoping to make it to yoga this evening, but first I have to head to the running store to sign up and turn in my money for the 12-week walking program which begins tomorrow evening in downtown Tulsa. I’m determined to get a handle back on my life and to relieve myself of some of the stress I’ve been subjected to by others, as well as that I have placed on myself.

I’m trying yet another new pair of contacts this week to see if we’ve found a happy medium in my vision quest.

All-in-all, it’s simply a Monday and I’m trying to approach it with a renewed vigor and interest. It will be interesting to see how long it all lasts!!!

Time to hit the shower and move the day along!!!

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