Another Freaking Friday…

Nothing like a Friday, that is also a pay-day!!!  The anxiety level went up three-fold this morning when I realized this could be the day they show me the door…yes, I’m paranoid, yes, I’ve got way too much thought process going on the 90-day probation thing…why shouldn’t I be freaked out, paranoid and such when every time I read my “review” and see there in writing how much my folks DO NOT want me working for them?

Why wait three years to get around to telling me?  Will any of it ever change?

I’m trying to find a happy medium with my anxiety level so I don’t go through the morning dry heaves and general over-all crappy feeling…not wanting to get dressed and go to the office…I think I could stay in bed all day…but then, I’ve never been someone that could stay in bed all day unless I’m REALLY sick!!!

The gloomy, rainy weather isn’t helping…perfect sleeping weather…just low rumbles of thunder every now and then, steady rain coming down…what’s the point of getting out of bed other than to go to the bathroom…yep, I’m in one BIG funk!!!!

Time for another cup of coffee and getting myself motivated to get in the shower and head to the office.

Catch’ya on the flip side of Friday!!

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