Surviving The Storms…

I slept right through the worst of the storms this morning…in fact, I recall waking when the alarm went off about 5:30 a.m., turning off the alarm and deciding to snuggle down for another 30-minutes…there was some distant thunder and it seemed like a perfect time to stay in bed…

Imagine my surprise when I finally forced myself out of bed about 6:15, turned on the TV to see what the temperature was like outside before I took my little dogs out…and the first thing that was announced was Tulsa Public Schools were out for the day due to power outages…what in the world?

I noticed that there were a lot of trash cans blown up and down the streets…lots of leaves and small branches in the street…my patio furniture was untouched and unmoved…my new flower purchases were still safely tucked away in various places so if there was a brutal wind/storm, they wouldn’t be harmed…

Making my way to the office, I saw there were some folks that weren’t so lucky with that early morning storm…traffic lights were out near my neighborhood…but otherwise, it wasn’t a difficult drive into work.

I was fortunate and survived the storms, gust-natos and tornados just fine…after all, it is spring-time in Oklahoma.

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