Wet and Wild Monday…

Yep, Monday is here, again.  I’ve come to dread Mondays…I’m frustrated and wanting out of my current office situation so badly…I’ve about got my resume fine-tuned so, hopefully by the end of the week, the search can begin for new employ.

I’ve decided that nothing is going to change in the current office situation.  The same people are going to be in charge that are currently in-charge, so how am I supposed to grow as a support staff?

I can honestly say I’ve never worked in an environment where the social cast system came into play so heavily.  Funny, thing is, it doesn’t matter how hard I work, how great a job I do, I will never really get ahead at this firm.  Conclusion, time to see what else is out there, if anything.  If there is nothing better out there, then what?

For now, I’m trying to open up my mind and forge ahead.  I’ve got a very full plate today at the office…I won’t be taking lunch with my lunch buddy since I want to be able to leave promptly this evening so I can make it to my Monday night yoga class.  I didn’t make it to yoga class last Monday night and I didn’t make it to yoga class this past Saturday morning…so, I need to push myself to get to yoga class tonight.  This is all in an effort to get myself centered and back on track to a happier, healthier life.

Sounds good in principal but can I apply it to real life???

Today is supposed to be over-cast, rainy and cool…I’m loving how I don’t have to run the air-conditioning…it would be great to have a whole week reprieve from having to use the AC…we’ll see…I’m hopeful.

Have a great Monday, stay warm and dry!!!

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