Sunday Reflections…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! 5-9-2010

Yes, today is Mother’s Day and I’m happy to report that all three of my children have reported in and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day.  My two sons will take me out to a nice dinner at Charleston’s tonight, which will complete my Mother’s Day.

This week has been another emotional roller coaster for me at the office.  I feel I’m doing a better job, staying on top of things better…though, I still don’t get good vibes from my main attorney.  She simply does not communicate well and there really is no way of knowing whether or not I’m making her life easier.  I continue to work on my resume and am hoping that I get a good enough product here in the next week or two to actively seek other employment options.

I’ve had an emotional roller coaster week with regards to the estate sale of my parents’ stuff which will be happening next Friday and Saturday…I’m traveling to the house today with my sister and brother-in-law and a dear family friend.  We’re going to do a walk through now that the gal that is running the sale has got everything out and priced.  I know it will be difficult to see their lives, our lives laid out on tables with little price tags, but I want to see it and start getting used to the fact that it is all “just stuff” and the memories will remain forever.

I had a good time organizing my dad’s old Playboy magazines…funny, how some stuff just makes you feel a little bit better about things.  I also have tons of old pictures dating back to the 1900s, 1920s and forward to go through.  I’m hoping most have been dated on the back, but who knows…the pics will be harder in deciding what to keep and what to toss.  I’ve got to figure out a way to store them and get them out of my way.  I did come across a couple of empty albums, so that might be a project I tackle as I go along.

I’m loving this cool weather.  I turned off the air conditioner on Thursday and haven’t had it on since them…I would LOVE to cut my electric bill a bit…though I know it will go soaring once we get into June, July and August.  The temps don’t really start coming down again like this until sometime in October.  I was able to put my gas bill on the monthly average program, which will definitely help, especially during the winter months.  However, the average monthly bill will be $75 a month…that’s up $50 from when I moved into this house 5-years ago!!  I have managed to keep the water bill in a decent range, though the water company would have jacked this bill up around $100 if I don’t go out and read my own meter every chance I get.  I could see a higher bill if I had a sprinkler system, but I don’t and I don’t start watering my yard until the middle of summer…I mostly water my flowers on a daily basis.

I bought about $100 worth of flowers yesterday afternoon/evening.  I’m pleased with my purchases and will see about getting them all potted and planted this week.  I can’t do it today since I’m headed out a little later, but maybe over the next few evenings, that will be my after-work project.

That’s the Sunday reflections for today, May 9, 2010.  Have a great week ahead!!!!

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