How About Erotic Chat???

I always have a good chuckle when browsing Craigs List. I came across an ad yesterday where the guy wants to engage in “erotic chat.” He wants a married gal that would NEVER cheat on her husband to create a G-mail account and send him a note, tell him her fantasies and just share/engage in some “erotic” chat.

Sounds like my kind of ad!!! Pretending that I’m a married woman that would NEVER cheat on my husband, okay, that’s a stretch…though I was once married and took my vows very seriously for the first 10-years of my marriage…doesn’t mean I can’t find the mind-set.

Not to mention, this is just an exchange of erotic e-mails…this guy makes it clear he doesn’t want to know specific, personal information…nor will he share such of himself.

Here’s his first note to me after I sent him a reply to his ad:

I will also start off with a true story. Something that happened to me last year while on a business trip in Las Vegas. I was lonely but intrigued by all of the “ladies of the night” in the casino. I was always under the impression that security ran them off. That night it seemed the place was full. You couldn’t walk across the room without getting a proposition. And most of these ladies were very attractive, but I never really had the inclination to succumb to their prowess. Couldn’t imagine the trouble it would cause. I finally settled down to the slots and soon an attractive middle class looking girl sat down next to me and began playing.

I was winning in small amounts and she was commenting, smiling, laughing and we were having a casual conversation when she just opened up and asked if she could go to my room. I guess she saw the surprised look on my face and began to explain that her and her girlfriend would come to my room and show me a great time. I might be slow, but I caught on real quick. The fantasy intrigued me long enough to ask a price. $1,000 was enough to calm me down, I thanked her and went to the lounge for a drink.

After ordering, I noticed an attractive couple sitting on the sofa across the room. They were probably 10 or so years older than me. He was average looking, she was very attractive. Tall, long dark wavy hair, blue eyes and a low cut dress. They were laughing, have a good time and kept looking my direction. Finally, she nodded for me to come over. I really didn’t think that was the case at first. She then used her hand to motion me. I looked around, nobody behind me, so I stood up, walked their direction and noticed those big beautiful eyes following me all the way. I was looking at her while he said, “have a seat”………..

Here’s my response to his “story”…

This “true” story was just a teaser, wasn’t it? I look forward to reading the rest of your story when you get a chance.

As far as my fantasies, I fantasize about my husband surprising me by having another man come to our house and joining in our sex play.

My fantasy goes like this…my husband gets home from work before I do this particular night. He had called me to tell me he was fixing some dinner and to just expect to come home and relax. I don’t think anything about this because he’s so sweet in that regard. Since we’re empty-nesters, our time is our own and we’ve been enjoying the freedom to enjoy each other and the “alone” couple time.

I get home from work and there are candles lit all over the place. My husband has a bottle of wine chilling in the ice bucket on the bar counter in the living room. He’s sipping on a glass when I come through the door…I comment on how nice it is to be able to come home and enjoy my time with him.

He then tells me he has a surprise for me. He hands me a glass of wine he just poured and then pulls out a blindfold. I take a sip of my wine and ask him what the blindfold is for. He then tells me that when I’ve had a chance to sip a little more wine, he wants to put the blindfold on me and help me relax.

I take a couple of more sips of my wine and set the glass down on the bar. I tell him I’m ready. He takes my purse and briefcase and puts them away, then comes to me, kisses me full on the lips and then proceeds to put the blindfold on me.

I feel the sexual energy begin to rise in me. What has he got planned? I then feel my husband kiss my neck and run his hands over my arms…he’s whispering sweet nothings to me and telling me how sexy I am…he kisses me full on the lips again and then steps away. I feel the zipper of my dress being pulled down and then my dress sliding off my shoulders and down into a pile on the floor. He whispers for me to step out of it and I do…when the weather gets warm, I don’t wear pantyhose to work any more, I don’t wear panties under a dress…I simply have on only a bra underneath my dress..and my stylish high-heeled sandals.

Next, I feel my bra being undone and it falls from my breasts, my nipples become instantly erect with the cool air hitting them…I feel a tingle between my legs…not knowing what is going to happen next is so exciting…especially when one is deprived of her sensory of site…

More to come/cum…

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