Saturday Morning…

The morning is dawning so cool and clear…not a cloud in the sky. I’ve got so much to do this weekend, I just want to sit and sip my coffee on my patio and take in the beauty of the morning before getting started.

I came home from work and mowed the front and side yards…I tried to weed eat but the damned weed eater line kept getting tangled and cutting out…I’ll reload the line and try to finish up the little bit in front that I didn’t get done and then do the back yard today…

My yard is in such pitiful state…the state of the grass that is. I think I’ve got grub worms or some kind of harmful yard ants because there are crunchy piles everywhere on the corner and side parts of my front yard. Couple that with the sweet gum balls that are still falling from the big ol’tree in the front yard and well, it’s almost dangerous to try and mow that portion of the front yard.

I didn’t see any broad-leaf weeds…but then most of the grass that is growing after the last spraying of Weed & Feed looks very similar to small varieties of weeds.

I look around and find myself with definite yard envy…I would love to have a lush yard, weed free and looking like a beautiful grass carpet…and then I think of how I need to get several big batches of petunias, ferns, geraniums and begonias and get them situated in their planters…I take pride in my yard and flowering displays…I want to have that perfect carpet of green growing where it’s supposed to grow.

My poor lawn mower makes all manners of ugly noises. I did put a new blade on it, so it seems to be cutting the grass more even, but I think it is off balance…I don’t mind doing the hard work to keep a lawn beautiful and finely manicured…that’s my therapy and has been for years…

Time for another cup of coffee and more contemplation of the day before me!!!!

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