Going Through The Garage Stuff…

I have to admit, I am having a lot of fun going through old pictures, old albums…and my favorite, going through my dad’s Playboy Magazine collection.

As much as I would like to think the collection of Playboys dating back to 1964 is worth something…the bottom-line is it isn’t…there are several issues missing out of different years…some editions have seen some heavy viewing use…I LOVE these magazines and have organized them, while looking through them…I will sort and restore these fabulous old magazines, to take out in the future to enjoy.

I guess if there is some consolation in all this junk, this stuff, is that there are a few things I truly enjoy…the pictures bring back old memories…a happier time?  A more innocent time, maybe not necessarily a happier time…

At least, I can’t complain about the temperature in the garage…there is such a fabulously cool breeze from the north keeping temps in the upper 60s…I may get busy and finish up my weed-eating, gawd I HATE my weed-eater, but I LOVE a trimmed yard!!!

I’m thinking of venturing to Home Depot to check out the petunias…I’m really having a time figuring out what to do with myself today…for now, just enjoying flipping through the old issues of Playboy!!!

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