National Day of Prayer…

My personal feeling is that there should be a separation of church and state…religion and religious beliefs are personal to me…I don’t begrudge anyone their religious convictions, just don’t force it on me!!!

I’ve worked in offices where one or more of the gals tried to “convert” me or “save” my soul…thank you, but I feel I’ve made my peace with the higher powers that be…to pray in the office, well, I’ll bow my head if I think there is a specific moment or time to bow my head and close my eyes…Religion is a VERY personal issue with me.  Keep it to yourself and don’t try to cover everyone else up with it.

I can go through the motions with the best of them…I can even recite some of the incantations from church services.  In some ways, I find the practice and reciting of passages comforting, because that’s how I was raised.

I raised my own children in a fairly religious environment.  I guess a better way to put it would be that I “exposed” my children to the church of our choice until I got tired of forcing them out of bed on Sunday mornings to attend Sunday School and then a Church service.  It came time for my children to express to me their desire to attend church, not by me forcing them to attend.

Should there be a National Day of Prayer spear-headed by our government and declared by our President.  No.  Reading the President’s “proclamation” made me realize how far to the left this country has gone…what a pathetic attempt to appease everyone…and I do mean EVERYONE!!!  Screw the Christians, make sure the Islams and Muslims are happy…the Christians are simply expected to go with the flow…Pray today for whatever it is that you believe…Pray today, can a person ever have too many prayers of any kind?

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