Without A Hitch…

My limp-dicked, old man with the bad heart came by and spent some time with me this evening.  He looked better than he has in the past…sounded better, lost some weight…has a new defibrillator…which did not have to kick in when he set to eating my pussy…nor did he have any trouble when I treated his limp-cock to some hand and mouth attention.

For added therapy, we talked about his new friend interest…he’s got a gal closer to his age that he’s seeing as “good friends.”  The gal sounds like a great gal, the only problem is she is of the generation where if you had sex with a man, it comes with love and marriage…we talked about his approach to her with regard to sex…I listened and then offered that maybe he back way off of pressuring her to get naked with him.  I suggested he try simply being with her for two weeks without trying to get in her pants or get her naked…my mindset is that if she can see him be with her without pressuring her for more…for sex, she might start warming up to the idea…I told him that she sounded like a great gal and someone he could truly enjoy if things are allowed develop without the pressure of sex.

Reluctantly, he agreed my approach might be worth trying…I think he was thrilled that I was truly happy and thrilled for him…as I point out to him, I’m merely his “sex” Mistress…and for now, his life was complete…he has a nice female friend he can take around his family and he has his nasty Mistress when he wants to get naked and eat some pussy!!!

So, entertaining my old, limp-dicked guy went without a hitch tonight…no 911 call for a run to the Heart Hospital!!!

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