Finding A Happy Medium…

I’ve got to try and find a happy medium in this whole office ordeal…I am getting to where I don’t want to get up any more…certainly don’t care what I wear to work, which is totally unlike me…

I even went an agreed to see my limp-dicked, old guy that has heart problems.  He was e-mailing, texting and calling me yesterday afternoon.  I couldn’t return his calls until after work and then I took my sweet time responding to him.  I just needed to chill before I called him.  I knew what he wanted…I just wasn’t sure I was ready to see him again.

It will be a risk to entertain the old man again…I even told him I should have him bring two permission slips to play from both of his doctors.  He assured me that both doctors told him he’s in the best health he’s been in for a couple of years…guess we’ll see if the next defibrillator is up to the challenge of the old man eating pussy!!!  Good think I live only 5-minutes from a good Heart Hospital!!!  I had a good chuckle thinking of the look on the doctors’ faces when the old guy asked each of them if he was healthy enough to eat some pussy…oh, and by-the-way doc, my Mistress wants me to bring her a permission slip to play!!!

So, I’ll entertain the limp-dicked old guy tonight…hopefully, that will put me in a better mood, not to mention a couple of good orgasms stimulated by a real person(man) will help ease some of this stress/pressure!!

Time for breakfast…I’m having a yummy blueberry pancake wrapped around a link sausage all on a stick!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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