The First Monday of May…

I overslept again…imagine that!!! Could it be that I’m simply dreading going to work these days???? I’m frustrated with myself that I can’t get my ample ass out of bed and get into a walking routine again, like I did last spring/summer.

I’m frustrated with myself that I haven’t perfected my resume by this morning and will probably need to work on it throughout this week in order to get it to one of the agencies I want to contact to look for another job…I’m getting to a better place about looking for another job, or, at least seeing what’s out there…I’m still not 100% about it all yet, but I’ll get there.

So, it is back to the grind this morning. I’m hoping my weekly review this morning will be a good one, who knows…I did push myself again pretty hard this past week, so I’m hopeful. Holding onto this “push” effort is exhausting…totally and thoroughly, mentally exhausting!

Time to hit the shower…have a great Monday!!

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