Funny, But I Can’t Envision…

The pics of “single” guys where they are engaged in eating a woman’s pussy right on their profile page…I simply can’t envision that mouth, tongue or fingers down between MY legs, feasting upon my fine pussy!!!

Now, a profile pic of a guy sporting a hard cock (save the limp cock pics for a gal that’s really into limp dicks!)…I can almost envision that hard piece of man-meat entering my hot, swollen, wet womanly oven!!!

Funny, but I can’t picture a guy looking up at me from between my legs when he’s got his face buried in another pussy in that profile pic…definitely does not turn me on, make me want to find out what he’s like…simply turns me off!!!

You know the profile pics I’m referring to…and then there are the guys that send me a pic of himself wearing something with Oklahoma State University plastered across the chest…good grief, I’m a HUGE OU fan, an OU Alumn…save the OSU crap for some other gal that’s into orange and black…or leave the school affiliation out of the pic altogether!!!!

Funny, but I simply can’t envision that guy between my legs!!!!

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