Blowing In Thursday…

The wind gusts are already whipping up pretty good and the sun isn’t even up/out, yet…I did see the moon being held captive by some clouds hanging low off to the southwest…it’s going to be a blustery, stormy day according to the weather guys…

I was covered up busy at work all day yesterday…I spent two-hours with one of the application techs and felt pretty good about my skills and abilities afterward…though I really am wondering if all this is for naughty…I got my resume out last night and started refining it…cleaning up my references which are pretty old at this juncture…so out with the old, in with the new.

I hate thinking about looking for a new job but, I can’t sit around until the first of July, wondering if I’m doing enough…which I honestly feel at this point, why should I stay?  The more I thought about why should I stay…I realized that I’m in a stagnant pool that will have no leaders once the head attorney of our group decides to pass the baton to one of the other guys…that’s when it really hit me, why do I want to stay where I’m at?  The two men that would be likely candidates to take the reigns have proven time and time again that they are not business managers…while they may be shareholders on the ladder of success…I don’t see a thriving, productive, successful group after the big guy is gone.  Why do I stay?  What is there to stay for?  If my main attorney wasn’t able to communicate with me for the past three years all that I’ve been doing wrong, what’s going to change?  Is it really my duty to continually wonder and ask what I’m doing wrong at my job?

Perhaps it is time for me to move on…I hate the thought, but change has to happen in order for a person to grow…I’m thinking it’s time to make a chance and go…at least, while I still have some confidence and dignity left…

So, what next?  Do I stay in the legal profession or venture off in another direction?  I guess I will see what is out there and what folks have to offer and then start weeding through everything…who knows…

Have a good Thursday…stay safe, batten down the hatches…

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