I’m still in my “funk” for lack of what else to call it. I’m mentally exhausted when I get home from work, so getting on the computer is the last thing I want to do…I’m trying to keep up with my e-mails and such, but I simply don’t have the attention span needed to properly respond, much less, blog!!!

Still working through all the crap…I’m not cycling emotionally as much as I was last week, but I’m still not in a very good place with it all…sometimes I think I just need to find a good, rich man and settle down again…yep, get married, devote all my time and attention to one man…okay, that’s a bit far-fetched for even me…this man would have to be open-minded enough to be okay with me and my kink proclivities…I do wonder if there is such a man out there for me…

Anyway, gotta get some things done before heading off to bed…gotta start the whole process again tomorrow…hanging in there!!!

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