Another Monday…

I’m loving the cooler weather…the longer I can go without turning on my AC again, the better. Electric rates have gone up and running my AC might get prohibitive this summer…I’ve been trying to get my electric bill on the yearly-monthly average program…that would give me a much more even base to predict for that utility cost.

I had the worst pizza I’ve had in years last night…my stomach is not happy with me at all…in fact, I’m feeling so nauseated right now, it will be a chore to get dressed for work…one thought that is foremost on my mind is hurling on the HR this morning when we do my first week’s probation review…regardless of how bad I feel, I will be going into work and toughing it out…I know it was the pizza, it was absolutely lousy…I am giving serious thought to writing the franchise chain and letting them know how disappointed I was in the quality of their pizza…I won’t ever be ordering from there…which I will go and get the frozen pizzas at the store before I order take-out again.

I’ve got to get moving along…it’s becoming more difficult to push myself to get going in the mornings…I know it’s nothing but depression…I’ll work through it, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to schedule another naughty, nasty session to indulge in a fabulous diversion from the daily job crap!!

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