Too Tired…

Yes, too tired to sit down and give righteous thought to laying out my fabulous m2m session on Wednesday evening…things at work are so stressful all day long, that I simply can’t sit in front of the computer after I get home without taking a well deserved break in the evenings…

When I’m this mentally tired, I become physically drained…though I know I should and will eventually start pushing my body to help my mind maintain at better levels, right now, I just haven’t gotten the right combo down.

I started worrying this morning that today will be my last day at the office…the vibes I get aren’t good, though I’ve busted my ass all week. Yes, I realize this is week 1 of my 90-day probation, but I also know that now that I’ve been warned, they can get rid of me at any time because I’m not living up to the standards laid out to me in my review…coupled with the fact that now I’ll be in a panic EVERY Friday until my probation is over, well, Fridays are the joyous day of the week I once looked forward to at the end of my work week!!

I need more diversions in the evenings and on the weekends…though the weekends are going to be frustrating and draining due to getting my dad’s estate/house dealing done…that process started last Sunday and will go on as long as it takes…hopefully by the end of May we will have things well in hand enough for the gal to come and do an estate sale of sorts…it will be strange not to have the house in our lives any more. I know that chapter in our lives is about to shut forever and that’s staggering for me.

Anyway, too tired to think straight, at least, right now.

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