Can’t Linger Long…

I’m in preparation for a mid-week BDSM session…I like being able to prepare for a session, then head off to my “day” job to return home in the evening with everything in its place, ready for my scene to unfold.

Tonight, I see my pathetic, humiliation friend…but, I’ve got a nasty surprise for him tonight!! I’ve asked another male to join us…nothing is more exciting to me than putting two males together and commanding…demanding them to perform all manners of naughty, nasty sex acts to amuse me. Nothing turns me on more than to set two males together…my pussy gets all hot and wet just putting my diabolical scheme in this blog post!!!

While the friend tonight would much rather have another woman joining us in the scene…he’s not worthy of having a woman join us. I did have a gal join us for one session…it was way more than he ever anticipated and then for months, he obsessed about this other woman that he wasn’t allowed to see…my female friend had wanted to observe a BDSM session, so having this gal join us, fulfilled something she had been wanting to experience, plus allowed my submissive friend to experience the inclusion of another in one of our scenes…

So, tonight, I get to fulfill one of my favorite fantasies…I’m setting two males to sucking and fucking each other…well, one of the submissive males is capable of fucking…the submissive in which this scene is designed, can’t get a hard-on, so he’ll be doing the sucking and maybe getting fucked all in the same session!!!

Gotta run, time is ticking…

Have a great Hump Day…I intend on having a good day and a GREAT evening!!

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