A Day of Remembrance…

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City.  I’ll never forget that day back in April of 1995…I was working at the county courthouse for a judge and our morning dockets were just getting underway.  We had computers but no internet…one of the judges had a TV in his office and the news quickly spread when a newspaper reporter came through the clerk’s office and told us to turn on the TV, something horrific had just happened in OKC.

It was a very strange, scary day…who had bombed a federal building in OKC?  How many people were dead or injured?

I didn’t know anyone that had died in that bombing, not until several years later…I paid attention to the rescue events and the search for the “who” had done this terrible act of terrorism on American soil in the middle of the United States…

Now, I am friends with the husband of one of the victims.  I can’t even imagine the full scope of his loss on that April morning…to kiss your wife and mother of your daughter good-bye, not knowing that you would not see that woman again…well, it is just unimaginable to me.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims’ families…to the survivors and their families…it is a day of remembrance…one that we should never forget…acts of terrorism can happen in your own backyard…no one is safe, the possibility is always there.

Pause for a moment this morning at 9:02 a.m.

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