Sunday Came and Went…

I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically…spending the day going through my parents’ house was exhausting. I began to break by the time I headed home around 6:30 p.m. this evening.

Unloading my car, grabbing a bite to eat, resting a bit before heading to bed…I’m just so overwhelmed with my life right now. Things feel so bleak, though I know I have to pull myself out of this and forge ahead…I am a survivor and if I need to start thinking seriously about looking for another job, so be it.

I’m beginning to wonder if I really want to stay at this current job after the 90-day probation. I really wonder if I turn things around if it will make a difference or am I already out the door??? Reductions in work forces is what my particular group excels in…I’m not stupid, I understand and know what could be the driving force underneath all of this…

I wonder if it is time to think of changing directions and doing something else with my life. I’ve got several ideas but will it be enough to make the house, utilities and car payment while I get established? How many jobs could I manage to work to make the kind of money I’m making right now…what about health insurance????

Time to take my Advil PM and try to calm myself enough to go to sleep…I’ve been sleeping, OK. Restful, not really…yes, I’m really struggling to remain calm and work through all that’s before me. I don’t want to think about being unemployed at my age…I really don’t want to have to start my life over, yet again…time will tell and I can’t help but think there is a bigger plot behind it all…

And so, off to bed I go, the beginning of another work week is about to start…

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