Okay, Let’s Tackle Saturday…

Tackling Saturday…that’s always an interesting situation. Instead of burning my right wrist like I did last Saturday morning cooking some breakfast and getting over my upper respiratory issues, I ate a bagel and headed to late morning yoga class. It is so freaking amazing how all that stretching and sweating can get the blood flowing, the thoughts moving into a more constructive and positive mode…no, I don’t have any more clarity to the issues I’m facing at the office, but I’m not seeing those issues as so impossible.

It is much cooler today than it has been earlier in the week…the weather front that was moving in this direction blew through late yesterday afternoon and now there is light rain interjecting itself…eliminating any yard work today…tomorrow, I’m devoting some time and attention to cleaning out my dad’s house…

Today, I’m tackling some projects around the house…haven’t heard from any naughty, nasty friends…sometimes being open to spontaneity is the frame of mind to keep…

Why is it so difficult to let go of the stress and strife of every day life? Gotta see if I can figure out how to fix some zipper pulls…on clothing you dirty pervs…though doing a couple of cock and ball clothespin zippers would be fun and interesting…dispense a little cock and ball torture to those seeking such…

Yep, I’m tackling Saturday!!!

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