Ahhh Friday!!!!

I’m trying to muddle through my headache this morning…nothing like waking up with a sinus headache of sorts…though I think it could be some of the stress I’m under at the office…a head-ache that will last for 90-days…great, nothing like adding some pressure to the mix!!

I was hoping to tackle the yard work I wasn’t able to do last weekend due to burning my wrist, this weekend but the chances of rain are high, so it may end up being too wet.

I’ve got my eye to start my training program in May for the Tulsa Run in October…I want to do the whole 15k race…race-walking…which comes to 9.3-miles.  There’s a training program listed by one of the hospital sponsors of that run that starts with the first week of May and goes for 28-weeks.

I also found out yesterday that the walking training program that I did last summer, is starting a training group in downtown in May for the summer.  It will be 2-days a week for 12-weeks…so, that might be a possibility, though that isn’t free, it’s $75 to be a part of it and it starts at 5:30 p.m.  So, not sure I can take off of work a little early to get to the couple of blocks over to where they start the training…but it may be the umph that I need to get back on my exercise track for the summer.

I need to get moving along…have a great Friday!!!

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