Yesterday afternoon found me with a big slap in the face at the office. I had “review” of my performance and it wasn’t good. Apparently, all my hard work has been for naught…my main attorney sat in on the review with the HR…I sat there in disbelief as the grievances against me were read…funny how clueless I can be sometimes…the key words here were “few years.” Okay, so why hasn’t someone said something if I was doing such a piss-poor job?

Apparently, one of the shareholder attorneys that waits to the last minute to get anything done, complained because I supposed miss-filled something in an e-filing and breached a client confidentiality…I’ve not done something like that, now my cube-mate has…then something about a major copy job and I only copied the first page of the documents and have not tabbed things right…I’ve always been the one that makes too many copies, not sure where that came from but will find out today because I don’t want to do that again. Visiting with my co-workers, too much time on the phone…again, not sure what is up with…I just feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

So, I’m on 90-days probation. I have to check-in with the HR every week from now until the end of July. I’m totally stunned, hurt, frustrated, embarrassed…scared to death. Makes me wonder why I bothered to be in the office when my dad was dying but can’t go back…just stunned.

So much for wanting to be in the office…what’s the point? If I’m going to get blamed for what other people are not doing, what’s the point?

I do have a new client I’m seeing tonight, so that will be a good distraction…a good pussy licking and fucking is definitely in order.

I guess this is the motivation I need to get up and moving…not that I think it will do any good, I’m really not sure what, if anything, I can really do to turn this all around. Guess we’ll see over the next 90-days!!!!

Have a great Thursday ahead!!

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