Hump Day – Wednesday

I’ve been doing better on my sleep/rest. I’ve been making sure I’m in bed no later than 10:30 p.m. and earlier if I get in gear and get everything done for the next morning…though I’ve been changing my mind about what I want to wear to work in the mornings…and then not getting up when the alarm goes off…

Anyway, I’m pushing to be in bed earlier so I get enough “good” rest. Turning off my mind is the most difficult part of my overall rest/sleep. I did break down last night and shut all the windows of the house and turn on the air conditioner…I thought it was better to keep the house at a constant temperature rather than let it get up in the 80s inside and then let it drop at night…so, back to regulated temperature control in the house.

I’ve had a good three weeks without the furnace on and only turned the AC on once during this period. I’m hoping keeping both off will keep my utilities down.

I’m hoping to entertain one of my long-time fuck guys this weekend…I need to get back into the game…engage is what keeps going through my mind…having my pussy licked and fucked should be exactly what I need…we’ll see, we’ve both had such a crazy schedule the past few months…we’ll see.

Time for another cup of coffee and get my day moving along…catch’ya on the flip-side of Wednesday!

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