Another Monday…

Another Monday…another beginning of a work week.  It was a beautiful weekend, though it seemed to fly by…I don’t feel like I accomplished much since I wasn’t able to get out in the yard and tackle all that needed to be done.

The patio looks good, very inviting…I’ve got to get the chimnea set up where it could provide even more ambiance on cool evenings.  Next year, if my financial budget permits, I’m going to get new patio furniture.  I started laughing at myself this weekend when I realized how old my patio furniture is…I’m thinking I got some of it in 1986…surely it isn’t that old…oh my, I think it really is…it still works, it’s looking a bit worn and weathered…character, that’s what it has, character.  Yes, next summer when the hot tub is all set up, new patio furniture!!

I didn’t get out to buy any petunias yesterday like I had hoped.  I simply ran out of time and there’s so much more that needs to be done in and out of the house.

I did get groceries for the week ahead…planned my lunches, thought about what I will eat for breakfasts…gotta start getting serious about the diet and exercise…time to get out of mourning and get back to a better place in my mind and body.  I hate feeling so down and out…I hate feeling like there is a looming doom of some sort…I’ll be fine, just working through the remnants of my grief.  I’ll be able to put it all into place when I kick myself out the door for my early morning walks again…just making myself get up when the alarm goes off is the trick right now.

I’m determined to get enough sleep…6+ hours would be good…that means I have to get my ass in bed no later than 11:00 p.m.  AND fall asleep!!

Yep, rambling around this morning…gotta get the trash out to the curb, get my ass in the shower, dress and head to the office…what an exciting day, huh?

Have a good Monday, I’ll figure it all out, I usually do!!

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