Sunday Reflections (4-11-10)…

What another beautiful weekend morning!!!  And once again, the words from the song in the musical “Oklahoma” comes to mind, “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!!”

I seem to be about over this upper respiratory crud, though my sinuses are bothering me today after being out on my patio most of the day yesterday.  I didn’t start on the yard work, which I really need to tackle but, I know I’ll feel more like tackling it next weekend if I just give myself a chance to get past this crud…I’m determined to get back to my early morning exercising routines starting tomorrow (Monday) so the yard work might have to wait!!

The grease burn on my right wrist and arm is doing okay…it really is an ugly deal…I’m keeping it clean and trying to let it heal without putting bandages on it.  I may have to go and get some super-huge bandages to wear to work as the blisters are starting to pop and ooze…don’t want to hit it on something or ooze on anything or anyone…so, I’ll need to figure out how to dress my wound for work.

I’m hoping to get to one of the home improvement stores today and get some pretty petunias to plant on the patio…they are such fragrant little flowers…sturdy, too.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take some time off from work for vacation time at the end of May around my birthday.  I usually take the week surrounding my birthday off from work to get things done around the house…to meet friends for lunch and a movie…not to mention do a little naughty, nasty entertaining.  Taking that week off just sets the mood for the summer!!

Starting next weekend, me and my siblings will be getting Dad’s house cleaned out and ready for an “estate” sale of sorts.  We’re trying to get things done before the banks lock us out of the house…not an easy task to say the least.  So, I’ll be burning up the turnpike between here and Muskogee the next 30-days…and then we will be done with it all.  I’m still digesting the fact that both of my parents are gone, now.  I’m doing pretty good with it, taking it one day at a time.

I’m hoping to get my “mojo” back this week…just haven’t felt very sexy with all this snot filling my head and making my chest so heavy and coughing!!!

Hope you have a good week ahead!!!

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