My Online Dating Research…

I’ve having a good time with my “experiment” on  I turned off my profile on eHarmony…that site is just too expensive !!  The price for a one-month membership is simply ridiculous and it doesn’t have a trial period with which to try the site on.  I have always had an issue with eHarmony…the first time I applied on that dating site, I was told they couldn’t help me.  Well, that made me more determined to pass the test and have a viable profile on eHarmony.

Needless to say, the cost of eHarmony is just more than I care to spend on my “experiment” in online “vanilla” dating sites.  So, my current experiment takes me to  I must say, I like the fact that there is a 3-day trial period before the site charges you the one-month membership fee.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to go the full 30-days for a month membership, I may cancel tomorrow (Monday) as that is the end of my 3-day trial period…actually, I think I’ll need to cancel today in order to not get charged the full one-month price…nevertheless, I’m having fun and getting lots of e-mails from potential “dating” matches.

Now, how far will I go with this “experiment” in “vanilla” dating???  That’s a good question!!!  There’s one guy that I want to strip naked and get between his legs and suck his cock!!!  Yes, I can sense the electrical sexual attraction in that guy…even through the goofy-one-lined e-mails.  I’m being careful not to seduce too quickly…the poor unsuspecting guys get blown away and traumatized too quickly if I seduce to hard and heavy right out of the shoot!!!  And for the most part, I don’t have any intentions of actually meeting any of these guys in person…oh, there might be one or two that have potential…of course, only after I establish how financially generous they might be…oh yes, the monetary factor is always foremost in my mind!!!

Money hungry bitch, gold-digger…whatever you want to call me, I’m all that and more.  I did the “for love” deal and it simply isn’t me…now, I can and will fall in love with a man that has money, as well as the sexual libido to keep up with me…but, for the time being, sorting through all the “vanilla” possibilities.

I don’t know why I find it so much fun, other than I do find it lots of fun…perhaps it is way to exercise and hone my seduction skills????

The funny part is that I start out seeing what kind of interests there are to be found in each of these candidates and then one-by-one I start thinking of how each candidate looks buck naked!!!!  I do love the thrill of the chase when it comes to finding out what kind of cock-meat is zipped up in a guy’s pants, jeans or trousers!!!

And so, my “vanilla” online dating experiment continues…

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