At It Again…

Every now and then I get a hankering to try one of the “vanilla” dating sites…I don’t know why, I really don’t think I could find a man that I could love and enjoy on one of those sites, but ya’never know!!!

So, I brushed up my “vanilla dating” profile…picked out a couple of my “G” rated pics, yes, facial pics…and signed up for a month membership with the 3-day free trial period, which will allow me to cancel within 3-days and not be billed for the month membership fee.

I get a kick out of how many responses I get within the first 24-hours…there are a few that simply aren’t even remotely close to what I am seeking…hunting, fishing, camping out…camper…nope, just not the “outdoorsy” kind of gal.  Give me the fancy 4 to 5 star hotel with room service, spa amenities, a cement pond and I’m good to go!!!

I’m not a motorcycle babe or bitch…simply isn’t something I see myself doing…nor do I have any desire to get on the back of a “bike” with a guy…I’m sure it is a great experience to be a “motorcycle babe”…it’s just not me!!!  I can honestly say I’m NOT impressed by a guy that owns one or more motorcycles…does absolutely NOTHING for me!!

So, my experiment in the “normal” online dating realm has begun…I am going to see how it goes through the weekend…so far, there are some promising guys on and not very many on eHarmony…I can’t justify doing a month’s membership on eHarmony for my experiment so, seems to be my site of choice right now.

I’ll keep you all posted as things develop!!!

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