I’ve been covered up busy at work…that’s good and bad. Since I’ve been struggling to get over this upper respiratory crud, I find it much more exhausting to do all the thinking and shuffling of papers that I do on a daily basis…I’m mentally exhausted when I get home from the office, which makes me physically exhausted and the vicious cycle just continues…

I found myself disgusted last night when I saw where a guy I saw a couple of times has posted on CL, using my handle right there, saying “hi” to me. The guy said his missed my blogs…okay, my blog is still here on AFF…and told me about the flowers blooming at his place in OKC…okay, so?????? If it is the guy I am thinking it is, he was a worthless piece of man-meat. While he had a nice cock, the man attached to the cock just didn’t “get it” when it came to all that I had invited him to join in.

It is unfortunate that a man claims to be a swinger and then gets all freaky when brought into a group situation as a single guy. This particular guy got all caught up in being “the single guy” in the small group I included him in…he decided he was vying for the one single gal in our group that enjoys fucking everyone in the group (yes, both men and women). The guy man inappropriate touches at the local swinger-friendly club we went to…and then started some bullshit about driving back to OKC in the wee-hours…to which he was told if he felt like he needed to go, go. So, at 2:00 a.m. the guy headed back to OKC. His choice, no one MADE him leave…he just felt like the “third wheel.” Okay, that told me he didn’t really have a clue about his role as a single guy in the swinging lifestyle.

My intimate swinging group is all about second chances…so, my dear friends in OKC decided to give this guy another chance to use his nice piece of man-meat…they (a couple, man and woman) met this guy at a nearby bar and then invited him back to the house to play in a nice little 3-some. Things were going well until the guy started calling the woman a “cunt.” It wasn’t just once, he got off on some little “cunt” tirade which totally turned the woman off…in fact, turned her off to the point of reminding her of the verbal and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex-husband.

To use the word “cunt” in sex play, especially when playing with a couple the first time, isn’t the smartest “dirty” word a man can use. My recommendation is that if a man is going to use the “cunt” word, he needs to check before spouting it…yes, it is the one word that can turn the women in my small, intimate swinging group to total and complete shit!!!

Needless to say, the woman got up out of the bed and went out onto their deck…her husband joined her, not really sure about what had just happened because he had gone to the bathroom…when she told him that the guy not only called her a cunt once, he did so repeatedly and wouldn’t stop, the woman completely turned off and shut down.

The guy was asked to leave…the incident was reported to the rest of the group and thus, the guy was no longer considered viable, single man material for our swinging group. Yep, we’re that “hard core.”

Not to mention if the guy continues to make a nuisance of himself by calling the single gal in the group insisting on visiting her at her home…come on already…you’re not the great cock-meat that you think you are!!!

So, this same guy, goes and makes a post to “tulsaliza” on CL last night…WTF???? Talk about turn me to shit!!! I prefer to be a “lurker” on CL…I don’t need someone calling me out in that forum!!! Good grief!!! Some guys just don’t “get it” at all!!!

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