Wow, it’s already Wednesday!!  Since I took Monday off for a sick day, I’ve lost a whole day of my work week.  I only had a couple of coughing fits in the night…I may have imagined them because I really don’t remember much other than waking up one time and seeing it was only 1:30 a.m.  I didn’t even hear it storm last night!!

I checked the patio to see if there was any damage from the storm that blew through here in the wee hours…seemed like everything rode the storm out, just fine.  I am amused at myself for not having heard the storm come through…that’s not like me, I usually hear and see everything…not last night.  I think having such a full work day yesterday, trying to figure out where I am on my desk after a crazy Friday before and then being gone on a Monday…well, let’s just say, my desk was covered up.

I’m still dragging ass a bit this morning, but the congestion seems to be clearing up…it isn’t as painful to cough…my head doesn’t seem as stuffy…amazing how a good night’s rest will do wonders when you’re sick!

Now, I’m trying to get motivated to get around and get moving towards my work day.  It’s going to be a little bit cooler today, especially tonight into tomorrow.  The day time temps are going to be hitting in the 70s, perfect spring weather!!!  Too bad I’ll be stuck in the office instead out on a beautiful golf course!!!  Such is life!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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