On The Mend…

I’m feeling better this morning…no temp, just that blasted congested cough that hurts my sides, back, chest, ribs…nothing like having coughed so hard that everything is sore and cranky!!!
Amazing what a 24-hour regiment of antibiotics can do to clear up whatever crud was taking over my body!!!

It’s back to work today…there are supposed to be thunderstorms moving in sometime today, the air is heavy with humidity…I’m tickled because I haven’t had my heat on now for two-weeks and no air conditioning as well.  I would love to see if I can get through the month of April without the heat or the air conditioner but I’m sure I’ll give in to the fact that I need good restful sleep when I head to bed and thus, closing up the house for the AC might just be what I will need to do.

I’m hoping that I’ll feel good enough to enjoy a nasty friend or two this coming weekend…I simply haven’t been in the right frame of mind to have my pussy licked…though I have been in the frame of mind to dispense some sensual, almost brutal torture…

I have found myself totally turned off by men that want to spank my ass.  Now, why is that?  There was a time when a nice firm hand upon my ass cheek would have spurred my hungry pussy on like nothing else…now, it does nothing for me.  I don’t want to feel the heat of someone’s bare hand on one of my ample ass cheeks…I don’t want to hear the loud smack of flesh on flesh…

What I do want, is to administer the spanking myself…I want to watch as I paddle a naughty boy’s bare ass…lay him across my lap and dispense a good spanking…watch as his ass cheeks begin to glow from the heat of my hand and then with the assistance of one of my fine leather paddles!!!

Ahhhh, such visions of nastiness!!!!  Have a great Tuesday ahead!!

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