March Is Going Out Like A Lion!!!

The wind is still blowing though the sun isn’t up just yet…it’s supposed to be another blustery day with the temps peaking out around 80, today.  Tomorrow evening into Saturday is supposed to bring a weather system in that will bring showers and possible severe thunderstorms…it is springtime in Oklahoma.

I am ever amused at how folks buck up when there is a religious holiday and want to call the holiday something “neutral.”  Why can’t folks just let the religious folks alone…these holidays only happen once a year…it isn’t like EVERYONE is wanting to change the name of things…always a controversy….someone has always got to be keeping things stirred up.

I’ve had a couple of requests to session this weekend, but I’ve got too much family stuff going on.  I might even make it to Saturday morning yoga class if I can get up and around Saturday morning.  Sunday morning, I’ll be heading to my sister’s house to enjoy Easter with the family…it will be a different kind of day…as I mentioned in a previous post, the first holiday without both of our parents…sort of surreal.  I wouldn’t have a problem enjoying a fuck client or two, but I’m simply not ready to tackle a BDSM session…that requires me to be on top of things mentally and I’m just not there yet…I do have a BDSM session scheduled for later in April, I’ll be ready then…in fact, I’m looking forward to enjoying that particular client.

I need to get moving along…get my work day under way…I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut this evening by my crazy hair-stylist.  The gal cuts my hair really well, though she’s got lots of personal issues, she cuts a good short haircut…as long as she cuts my hair the way I want it, I’ll stay with her…now, if she starts jumping salons too frequently, I will go back to one of my earlier stylist who has moved to a salon in south Tulsa…I went to that gal for 7-years before she left the fancy salon I finally gave up on…she quit cutting hair for about a year or two…I got an announcement in the mail that she was joining another salon next week.

March came in like a lion…now, it’s going out like a lion…there was no lamb involved in the comings and goings of March!!!  Have a great Wednesday!

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