The Last Monday In The Month Of March…

March has definitely been a bitter-sweet month for me.  This weekend brought closure to my dad’s death of 3-19-10.  The healing process has begun and I spent most of yesterday chilling, a little yard work, watching the remaining basketball games…my brackets are so totally out of it this year!!!  I made it to Super-Wally World to get lunch groceries for the work week, time to get back on track and stop indulging myself with comfort foods, eating out everyday and exercising!!!

I was in bed by 10:00 p.m. last night…slept really well for the first time in weeks…was up before the alarm and getting ready to jump in the shower and get my work day underway.

I had fun browsing CL this weekend.  I responded to several ads, only two responded back…it seems that the financial crunch of the economy has taken a bite out of these guys entertainment budget…that or the guys are so damned cheap, they just simply think they need to get pussy for nothing…thanks, but I’m certainly not interested in the “free fuck!”  Amazing the mindset of some guys…of course, I’m sure these guys are saying something similar about me…does this gal think her pussy is golden??  Why, yes, I do!!!!  The biggest factor that these guys are missing, the gals they do hook up with will more than likely end up being “cling-ons.”  Quite a few of these gals, not all of them are all about finding a man that will take care of them in all aspects of her life.  It’s all in good sport…if you’re not into sport fucking, not a problem…next!!!

Today, the temps here in Ttown are supposed to get in the upper 70s…there was even mention of the temp hitting 80.  Spring is here and I’m so thrilled!!!

Time for me to move along…hope every has a great Monday!!!

One thought on “The Last Monday In The Month Of March…

  1. I am glad that you are moving on with your grieving process, as I stated earlier my own father had been ill this month also.
    My Dad passed on March 24th, I didn’t want him to go, but there was nothing left of his mortal body… When he passed at the hospital on the same floor a child was born. God takes and he gives apparently.

    Thank You for your words on Strength and Loss, they have been helping me through my own time of hardship.

    Hang in there Sister!!

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