Do You Consider It Cheating…

If you meet someone to strictly masturbate in the same room? Yes, both people would be naked. The main rule is absolutely no touching of the other person, you can ONLY watch the other person in the room.

Do you consider this cheating on your spouse, significant other?

Have you ever been asked to masturbate for someone while they watched you perform this act? Have you ever been asked to watch someone masturbate, nothing else happening other than you watching them masturbate?

Again, do you consider this cheating?

One thought on “Do You Consider It Cheating…

  1. I wasn’t going to respond to this at first for two reasons. The first is I’m not married and haven’t been for almost thirty years. The second is I’m not the morality police and so it’s not my call as to what is “cheating” and what is “not cheating”. I can comment on how I would have felt had I done the things described.

    Thirty years ago, things seemed much more simple. Or perhaps I was just terribly naïve. It was probably a combination of the two. There weren’t any other models of relationships that I was aware of other than the traditional, “’til death do us part” type. Today it seems people define relationships as they see fit. I think it depends on a mutual understanding between two people as to what they deem appropriate behavior. Of course when one party acts unilaterally it doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship unless that’s understood up front.

    Years ago when I was married the idea of masturbating in front of another person was so far fetched it never would have (and didn’t) enter my mind. Of course since I have engaged in this practice a few times and while it was horribly embarrassing it was at the same time an incredible turn-on.

    The big question is if I was in a serious relationship how would I feel about it now? The answer for me would depend on the definition of the relationship. If it’s something my partner wasn’t comfortable with, I wouldn’t be comfortable with it either. If the opposite were true I might come home from the experience and share it with my partner – I could see such a thing as a catalyst for new adventures.

    “It depends” is probably never as satisfying as a definite “yes” or “no” but sometimes that’s just how it is.

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