Dating Rambling Thoughts…

No, I don’t consider myself a “dating” kind of gal.  I’m too upfront and blunt about what I want and seek in a man, with a man.  Yes, I like to answer/respond to random CL ads, especially those married men that are seeking “companionship” for dinner.  Yes, the approach is pretty lame…why in the Hell would a woman single or married want to meet a guy for drinks/dinner?  Though I do find it interesting how many married men put that “and more if the chemistry is right.”

I responded to such a married man’s ad…seeking a woman to go to drinks/dinner…if there is a mutual attraction, then he would be open to more.  I can’t say that I ever intended on actually meeting the guy for drinks/dinner…when it came down to it, I didn’t find anything in the guy’s e-mails that attracted me or made me want to see/meet the man behind the e-mails…in fact, quite the opposite came to my mind.  Why should I meet a man for drinks/dinner and then go to his hotel/motel room and engage in ????  I thought maybe it would be fun to go to drinks/dinner and then say good-night…I can be quite the interested dinner companion…though sometimes I do find my mind wandering off in different directions if the guy simply can’t keep the topics interesting…

I decided to push this situation a little further and sent the guy some e-mails I had been sending to a client…one of my light bondage, sensual sensory deprivation clients…it worked, the guy was so intrigued and turned on, he almost went for it…but then, the reality of the “freebie” became all too apparent.

The guy kept sending me e-mails about how intrigued he was with me, how he could hardly wait to meet me in person…funny, the feeling was not reciprocal…especially if we were to meet on a “free” basis…drinks/dinner may amount to something to some folks, but to me, it is a part of the deal…you want the pussy, you need to pay for the pussy…not my fault or problem that you’re paying for pussy at home and not getting any pussy or sex…why in the Hell would I want to give up pussy/sex for free when I get a meager meal?????

The reality is that this guy had no “special” restaurant in mind…he wanted me to pick…okay, let’s shoot for Flemings or Mahagony’s…if you’re going to feed me, you need to feed me the best and most expensive…there’s absolutely NO guarantee I’m going to fuck you if you do take me to one of those places…I’ve been disappointed more times than pleasantly surprised over “dinner dates” at these incredibly, expensive restaurants…

No, I’m NOT easy unless you’re paying for my time to be there with you…same hourly rate to meet for drinks/dinner as it is if you want a fuck date or other type of session…I’m NOT interested in meeting you just because you’re intrigued by me and my mindset.  I’m not intrigued by you nor am I remotely curious about the kind of man you are in person…your cutesy e-mails, your e-card of your face pic on a Chippendale’s body is just what it is, cute…but what kind of man sends those kind of things…

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot…this traveling married guy also shared with me that it is the thrill of the chase that makes things exciting…oh really?  The chase of who, what?  You’re not all you think you are or I would already be begging to drop my panties (oops, I don’t wear panties!!!! lol) in your motel/hotel room…

And that’s the other issue…the motel/hotel room…you’re staying at some budget hotel/motel way out southeast of town…get real, I might give you a second thought if you were staying at the Renaissance Hotel…though my preference is the Ambassador as first choice, The Doubletree (either location) as the second choice…but come on, the Lexington or Budget Suites…thanks, but I’ve done those places enough to know that I’m NOT interested in the budget deals.

So, you’re not scoring any points with me…you gotta pay for the pussy in way one or another to get my attention…you’re not interesting enough for me to want to simply step out and meet for a drink/dinner date.  You know it’s really goofy that a married man would take the mindset that he’s attractive to a single woman when there is absolutely nothing to offer other than a possible…yes, I am skeptical of quite a lot of married men and their sexual abilities these days/nights…a possible hard cock.  I’m sure you’re great at performing oral, too…that’s why the wifey can’t wait to get home and spread her legs for you…oh yeah, she doesn’t, that’s why you’re placing personal ads on CL and other adult sex sites!!!

There you have it folks, my rambling thoughts on “dating” married men.  Believe it or not, there are a few married men out there that realize, there is no such thing as “free” pussy!!!  Those are the kind of men that interest and intrigue me…I can and will make time for the married man that understands and has no problem providing what I’m seeking in an encounter.

Good luck to you married men that won’t step up and pay for the pussy…especially if you’re not getting any at home and already paying for it!!! You’ll find those occasional gals that are horny as hell and don’t want any kind of commitment…mainly interested in one-night stands…so much for your desire to strike up a “relationship” with a woman…though I’m sure there are some married women out there that would jump on the chance for the possibility of hard cock…to each their own.

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