Thursday is starting off nice and clean!! Nothing like a big ol’Oklahoma thunderstorm to cleanse everything!! The lightening was spectacular, the thunder window shaking…the rain on the roof, very soothing…

I keep thinking I’ll break out of this depression and feel like getting up and working out. That hasn’t happened yet. I found myself busy working on thoughts to send to the minister for the memorial service most of the evening and that got the tears to flowing. I felt a little better, but oh so drained.

I didn’t make it out to get birthday cards for a couple of folks at work…that’s definitely not like me. I keep thinking if I get my ass around this morning, I can run by the store and pick up a couple of cards…I got the gal a present and some southwest egg rolls for her party. For once, I’m not in charge of an office party!!

I’ve got to snap out of this funk…I’m sure after this weekend, after we get my dad’s house all cleaned out, I’ll start making my way back to my naughty, nasty self. I’m beginning to wonder why I remain, tending to my blog…it isn’t as though anyone really reads my blog, much less comments on it!!!  I simply haven’t found my “mojo” lately, so the naughty, nasty tales have disappeared for the time being!!  Now, there’s a great topic, How Liza, The Mature Sex Goddess lost her “mojo!!!”  YIKES!!!!

Time to move along and get my Thursday underway…have a good day!!

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