Hump Day…Almost Gone…

am beginning to think I should probably take a day or two off…but then, I push right on through it all…I need to stay busy…though there doesn’t seem to be enough time when I get home from work.

I’m tired, my mind is racing trying to make sure we don’t forget anything for the memorial service. Me and my siblings are determined to make this a great memorial service…our mother’s service was such a fiasco, right now to derelict brother showing up shit-faced drunk. Derelict brother is still drunk…must be nice to be able to check in and out of reality at will…when the going gets tough, always better to be able to blame someone or something else. As much as I would like to think he could become a recovering alcoholic, he has to want to be a recovering alcoholic.

Anyway, the three of us that do function and forge on in our lives, are working very hard to make this a great celebration of our dad’s life.

Time to head to bed…why does it feel like I never get enough rest???? Turn off the mind, rest and relax…easier said than done!!!

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