Sunday Reflections (3-21-10)

Wow, what a crazy two weeks I’ve had!!! This past week brought about a conclusion to the craziness with the passing of my dad on Friday afternoon. He went peacefully after struggling for eleven days after a catastrophic stroke and heart attack. The doctors and nursing staff at Saint Francis hospital were incredibly kind and compassionate…a big thank you to all of them and their care.

Now, me and my family find ourselves in the aftermath of Dad’s death “cleaning up”…since Dad wanted to be cremated, his body went from the hospital to the crematorium. We will have a memorial service next Saturday, possibly followed by a family burial next to my mom’s ashes at the cemetery. We are grateful that we know what to do and expect, not to mention that we have time to plan out this memorial service. We learned very valuable lessons with the death of my mother and the whirlwind aftermath…we will do this the way we want to do this and know that our parents would have been proud of the way we are honoring them.

Time to get on with my life…get back into whatever normalcy I had before hand…though a few differences now that Dad has passed. I’ll still have to make a couple of trips to help clean out his house before the house goes back to the banks…not that my dad had much, but we’ll clean it up, take various items that mean one thing or another to each of us and then hand it over to a gal that does estate type sales…it will save a lot of headache, sweat and heartache to do it that way…I just wish Dad would have planned better for this after-the-fact chapter. When he canceled the last life insurance policy he told me that it would be “our” problem when he died…how bitter-sweet…it definitely is “our” problem and hopefully we’ll be able to get him cremated, decent memorial service and burial without having to take out loans. Frustrating to say the least, but it will all work out…at least, there are three of us to split it up and handle it.

I’m thrilled that I won’t be missing any more work in the week ahead. With the memorial service being next Saturday, I’ll be able to get back to a somewhat normal work week schedule. Who knows, maybe I’ll even plot and plan some naughty, nasty fun!!!

I’m not liking looking out my windows and seeing the “spring snow” that has fallen over the last 24-hours…what a way to start off spring!!! I estimate there’s about 6-inches around my house. I have to go out and rake the snow off of my little greenhouse so the weight of the snow doesn’t break down the little plastic supports…I’m holding the thought that this will be the last winger hooray for Old Man Winter…not surprising to get a cold blast/snow like this right up until Easter…at least, the temps having dipped below 30 degrees!!!

Besides my dad dying and my NCAA brackets going all to Hell, I’m doing pretty good and moving on with my life…thanks again to all the wells wishes, sympathies and just kind notes. I greatly appreciate how thoughtful folks here in Blogsville really are!!!

Here’s to a great week ahead…hope all the snow melts away quickly and the temps begin to warm…

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