What A Perfect Day…

What a perfect day to just stay in cozy, comfortable clothes, sip my coffee, rest and relax…I didn’t even give the yogathon a second thought this morning…while I would have enjoyed and endured two full hours of fabulous stretching and poses, I simply was not in a place mentally to receive the benefits.

The emotional let-down of the last couple of weeks is too familiar. At least, I had a better idea of what to expect…time to prepare and brace for the inevitable. Yes, I think my previous experience with my mother made it easier to endure this experience with my dad. The bottom-line is that my dad hasn’t been the same since my mother departed…now, I will hold to the thought that they are together again!

Yes, the freezing temps and falling snow provide a peaceful back-drop to a mourning soul. I embrace the emotions as they come to me in bits and pieces…always throws me how little things can trigger the tears…all a necessary part of the process.

Yes, it is a perfect day…

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