The Struggle Is Over…

Rest in peace, Dad!!! My dad passed away this afternoon, peacefully and with family by his side. I’m worn out, but relieved…thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

3 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Over…

  1. God be with you… Your father is in a better place now.
    At rest…

    I have been reading your last months posts as my father is also in very bad shape. Like you I am torn, I don’t want him to suffer but I don’t want to let him go.

    My deepest sympathys to you and your family

    • Thank you for your sympathies. The quality of life comes into play and the decisions become a bit easier when you put in perspective how a life will be lived. I am thankful that the doctors did all their diagnostic tests and brought their conclusions to us, as a family, to make the ultimate decision to remove life support. With no written health care directives in place, this struggle could have gone on indefinitely…scary to think about a situation like this never having an end…but we were fortunate. I hope you find the calm in your struggle…letting go is such a difficult decision, but the burden is lifted and you move forward. Again, thank you for your sympathies. Elizabeth

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