Sunday Reflections (3-14-10)

Wow, what a difference a week makes. Last Sunday night, my dad had a major ischemic stroke and heart attack. He remains in a coma while the doctors gather up all the information to give to us the family with regard to long term care. He has little brain activity due to the massive stroke…because there was no obvious hemorrhaging, the diagnosis and treatment is much more difficult.

Thus, we, as a family, remain in a limbo state. Dad lays up in the CCU kept alive by machines…not at all what he would have wanted, definitely not what we want, but because he had no health care directives in place, there is nothing legally we can do until the doctors turn it over to us to decide. That was supposed to have happened on Thursday or Friday of last week…from what we’ve been told by the nursing staff and the doctors filling in for the doctors that are responsible for his care, that might not happen now until tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday.

Yesterday, a nurse told us that we basically needed to camp out in his room this next week so we can catch the doctors and pin them down on all this…okay, but what about our jobs and lives? We’re frustrated to say the least…but we’re hanging in there.

My dad’s 91-year-old mother is another pain-in-the-ass. It’s all about her. No one knows how much she’s suffering…why has God done this to her? Why doesn’t God hear her prayers and take her instead of everyone else? She’s buried two husbands and now she’s about to loose her son, but a miracle is going to happen and he’ll just wake-up and be normal…then she started singing the praises of my looser brother, a drug addict and alcoholic that refuses to accept any type of responsibility for himself, not to mention accept responsibility for his recovery. The last phone call my sister had from him, he told her he didn’t know what he was going to do as he only has 85-cents to his name. If he only had $100 he could get to Tulsa and see Dad. Good luck with that…I’ve been checking to see if there are any outstanding warrants for him…yes, I will make sure this ass-hole makes no problems or headaches for any of us…he’s like bubble-gum on the bottom of one’s shoe…he sticks and simply won’t let go until you scrape it all off and dispose of it. Not a problem for me, I wrote him off several years ago. There’s one in every family…

So, I’m in a state of limbo…wanting to get on with my life but knowing that family could stop by at any time…knowing that I’ve got to help out with Dad’s house and what was going on with his business…making sure we get things taken care of…so, things are on hold right now. I would love to have a projected time-frame, but the reality is that there isn’t one and probably won’t be one. Such is life.

I’m hanging in there…my family is hanging in there…thank you for the thoughts and prayers during this trying time…hopefully, my life will get back to naughty and nasty before too very long.

Have a great day…and I hope everyone’s week ahead is a good one!!!

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