Middle of the Work Week…Hump Day a/k/a Wednesday…

I had taken today off as a friend had asked me to be the designated driver for some outpatient surgery this morning. While I’ve had this day off planned for several weeks, I’m thinking this worked out just fine. I’m already done with my friend, got him home safe and sound to re-coop the rest of the day.

I’m going to run up to the hospital and check on my dad, make sure he’s comfortable and then come home and catch up on my own rest. I was so tired yesterday, just mentally and physically drained to the max…I had to be up extra early to drive my friend to and from…which worked out fine because it turned out that he was the first one on the surgery list and was back in just under an hour…that almost never happens, but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth…the time off from the office is just what I need today to regroup, recoop and get my mind wrapped-around what will transpire over the course of the next few days and maybe even week.

The temp is gradually climbing this morning, topping out around 70 today unless the approaching storm system blows in earlier and thwarts the thermostats efforts to reach the 70 mark. I’m so thrilled I got my yard work done this past weekend, now I can sit back, plot and plan my vegetable and flower gardens…in between dealing with real life.

I’ll check in a bit later…sometimes it’s weird having some freedom during an actual work day!!!

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