Happy Friday!!!!

Yep, finally made it to another Friday!!!  I’ve kept myself busy at work this week, so I’ve made big time progress on my desk.  Which makes a couple of the other gals look bad since they can’t seem to get it together and simply do their work.

I predict another melt-down from the gal that had a melt-down last Friday.  She’s been late by an hour two days this week and all about some form or fashion of personal drama, which she shares with the co-worker from Hell, which is way around on the other side from where this gal works…which takes her away from her desk, which doesn’t get her immediate work done.  Wanna look bad, simply don’t sit at your desk and tend to your work…simply enough thought process, but totally eludes some folks!!

I’m hoping to get some yard work done this weekend, along with various other household chores…maybe some sucking and fucking in there somewhere…

The weather is supposed to be awesome today, which means that the higher ups that play golf will be out of the office by 2:00 p.m.  This means a quiet ending to my work day…at least, I’m hoping!!!!

Have a great Friday, catch’ya on the flip side!!!!

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