Does Anyone Actually Fuck Anymore????

I’m really beginning to wonder if there are any men on this site that actually “fuck”…i.e. have intercourse where the hard cock goes into the hot, wet pussy!!!

I know of one man that I see that gets a nice hard cock and can maintain that erection till I have not only had an orgasm by his oral ministrations…but then, maintains his erection so I can ride his hardness to me having yet another orgasm…(yes, dear subbie, Mistress is referring to you and your hard cock ability!!!)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy oral from those that I choose to entertain myself…a little oral goes along way and it is becoming one of those activities that I can enjoy, have an orgasm and continue right on with my session…I do get my jollies from different venues during a session…but, when I’m in the mood for a nice hard cock, that’s exactly what I want!!

I receive, at least, 10 e-mails a day from men offering to perform oral…oral all night long, oral till my toes curl…oral, oral and more oral. Enough with the oral…what about a HARD COCK???????

So, while I appreciate all you guys that are the BEST at performing oral sex…where are the men that can provide a good, sensual, satisfying fucking??????

Does anyone actually fuck any more or are they strictly interested in oral sex only??????

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Actually Fuck Anymore????

  1. Thank you! This girl likes to be penetrated, not massaged. Oral does little to nothing for me. I like a big, hard cock, in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, in my hand. I can’t help but wonder if all the guys promising superior oral ministrations are just saying that because they think it’s what we want to hear?

    • I have several theories behind men who declare themselves to be oral aficionados. One theory is that the man is lacking in other areas of sexual performance. Professing to be a great oral performer will perhaps substitute for not being able to get and maintain an erection…another theory is along the lines of what you mention, men think women want to hear that he LOVES to perform oral.

      I prefer extended foreplay, getting me so hot and wet that I can’t wait to get a nice steal hard-on inside of womanly oven!! Thanks for your comment.

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