Hump Day!!!!

I plan on doing some “humping” tonight!!! Of course, that depends on the direction of my session tonight. I’ve been busy cleaning and preparing for my submissive of this evening. I’m looking forward to the sensual torture and yes, what pain I do administer…not much, just enough to push the submissive’s boundaries a bit.

I know I will get what I seek out of the session…I’ve learned over the years that I get my jollies in various ways…sometimes it’s in the form of having a submissive perform oral sex on me just the way I like it until I cum on his tongue and mouth. I like taking the submissive’s ability to touch me away…having him spread-eagle bound and the leather hand mitts in place, ensures that the submissive must use his mouth and tongue and rely on my ability to instruct him on how to flick his tongue, how to lick my delicate clit…my juices flow nicely when I’m properly stimulated!!

Now, as to whether or not my submissive is allowed to realize his orgasm…that just depends. There are hopeless cases where I know I can’t bring that man to realize a relief that an orgasm will bring. I do love to watch a hard cock erupt spewing forth a large load of cum…nothing pleases me more…seriously, I would rather bring a man to orgasm by my hands where I can watch the result of my hard work than to straddle him and ride his cock like a live sex ride!!!

Don’t get me wrong, penetration is good and often a sought result to further along my second or third orgasm…but not necessarily something I indulge or engage in when sessioning…I do love it when a man begs to be allowed to cum…such a powerful experience!!!

Okay, enough lingering on the sex talk…I’m making myself horny!!! I’ve got to get through the work day first…get the day well in hand and get it done…I was extremely busy all day yesterday, so the day relatively flew by…I’m hoping today will be much of the same. Move the day along, move the week along…

Have a great Hump Day!!!

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