Have You Made Your Plans??

I’ve found myself realizing that I need to put in writing and plan out as much as I possibly can how I want things handled when I die.

In light of dealing with the death of two dear friends in the course of the past week, I have found myself browsing the website of the funeral home in charge of today’s funeral. Good grief, is death expensive!!! Yesterday while at the body viewing, my niece an brother-in-law wandered into the casket store…wow, there are so many colors, woods, interiors…I’ve decided I want to be cremated…so I moved right on past the caskets to the urns…WOW, was that a rude awakening!!

I find myself regretting have poo-pooed my mother for wanting to divide her ashes and for me and my siblings to have a portion of her ashes. I remember finding that idea a bit disgusting but now, I’m wishing I could have a small portion of her ashes. My dad had my mom’s ashes buried in their plot out at the farther cemetary in our home town. I have not been there, have no intentions of going to visit her ashes now buried in the dirt. I was the only one that wanted mom’s ashes kept at home…so much for what I wanted.

So, after two funeral services within 3-days, I’ve found myself realizing I need to plot and plan this whole deal out. I need to pay for as much of it as possible ahead of time and therefore, easing the burden of my family. My family will consist of my three children. I know I want to be cremated…I’ve got some prices on how much that will cost…now, I have to decide on what I want to have done with my ashes…which I’m thinking I need to talk to my kids about it and see what each one thinks. I want them to be a part of my life, even in death…I don’t know why but I think it will be important for the closure it will bring.

I’ve also realized that I will have to make all manners of decisions when my dad dies. He’s prepared for nothing other than where to bury his ashes, which will be next to mom. I would like to think he won’t want a memorial service but, I’m sure he will want one and that will be such an ordeal.

My grandmother already has her casket bought and paid for, her service all planned out, where she will be buried…everything has been decided, bought and paid for, for quite some time, now. She’s just waiting for her number to be called…at least, that’s how I look at it.

There was a time when attending a funeral would have me thinking of the now deceased and how that person touched my life. Now, I’m seeing the importance of being prepared…it isn’t a pleasant thing to plot and plan, but I’m realizing how very necessary it is.

Have you made any plans for your death? Would you prefer to leave things to your family to take care of after you’ve died? It is interesting how folks view death and how they deal with it.

Time marches on and so does life…

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