Sunday Reflections (2-28-10)

I am so ready for spring, I can hardly stand myself!!!  I’m going to get out and try to get a start on the winter crud situation in my yard…the temp is still a little cool and there’s, at least, 2 more weeks of winter left…if not more.

I spent the day with family and close friends yesterday…all day, evening.  I was surprised that I was so tired last night, drained is the more appropriate description.  There’s so much going on that I have to be a part of that I find myself just going with it…best to go with it than to fight it…I’ve decided my part is to keep things as drama free…just say NO to the drama!!!

This afternoon will be a challenge at the keeping drama to a minimum.  My grandmother is just a selfish bitch, it’s all about her, even though the reason we’re all coming together is to support a dear family friend that was important to me and my siblings.  I’ve already decided that my dad and his inappropriate comments, coupled with my grandmother who has become just as inappropriate in her comments, will be kept to a minimum…it’s like dealing with a class of first graders only with real first graders you can almost reason them to behave…with elderly folks (in this case over 75) they just don’t care any more and because they are hard of hearing, they ignore so much.

My oldest son has completed his rookie year and has been transferred closer to his home…I’m happy for him but sad to see him go…though, I will now have more freedom in scheduling my evening naughty, nasty get togethers…no more schedule restrictions for this ol’gal.  I will miss him but he has promised to come by and visit from time to time.  I was glad I could help him and his wife out during this past year…a new bonding of sorts and that goes a long way after being divorced from his dad for 10-years.

It’s time to start gathering up my stats and info for the Big NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I’m such a HUGE fan…and this year will be a difficult one to pick out who will go all the way to the finals!!!  My Oklahoma Sooners are out of the running…they have had such a disappointing season, so tumultuous season…I’m frustrated for them but that’s what happens when you build a team around two power-house brothers that leave to get on with their lives!!!  There’s always next year…
Freaky enough, Oklahoma State beat No. 1 Kansas yesterday late afternoon, which I give OSU kudos for the win, but I have mixed emotions about that upset.  I like Kansas and feel they are definitely a Final Four contender…OSU, well, they’ve been VERY spastic this season.  They have the talent but that talent hasn’t found a way to channel together to work as a “team.”  I imagine OSU will make it to the Big Dance…I don’t look for them to get past the second round…and honestly, I think they will get beat in the first round!!!  I’ll be studying up the next couple of weeks to prepare for the office pool.  It is the only gambling I really do all year round.

Time for another cup of coffee, then out to the yard for a couple of hours of physical labor before cleaning up and tending to family/friend matters later this afternoon.

Have a great week ahead…I’m hoping that I’ll get back in the groove of at least, one naughty, nasty session a week, if not more!!!!

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