Nothing like trying to blink awake through the sips of coffee this morning.  I was not thrilled to discover that the littlest dog had majorly thrown up in his crate overnight, which I knew immediately the “why” behind is upset tummy…I allowed him to lick a big offering of ice cream off of my finger last night…then he gorged himself before being put in his crate for the night.  Good grief, what a gross way to start the morning!!!

After getting the coffee started, I got busy getting the bedding gathered up and washed…not a fun activity first thing in the morning.  I’m glad I don’t gag real easy because the stench was pretty powerful…power little dog, definitely lactose intolerant.  Of course, he didn’t have to gorge himself when he came in from his last potty break last night!!

I’ve got to get moving around this morning…gotta be on the road by 9:00 a.m. so I can swing by my brother’s house and meet up with the family to head to the funeral this morning.  I did get an overall idea of what I am going to wear last night.  Folks don’t wear dresses much these days to church so, I thought I would step out there and wear some of my nice dress pants…I’m nervous about it, but what the heck??  My sister-in-law is going to wear slacks or trousers, too, so I should be within fashion boundaries…guess we will see…I could be stepping right out and making a fashion snafu!!

I was able to stay at work last night until about 6:30 a.m. making sure my desk was in tip top order for Monday…since I put in to take the day off, I wanted my desk and the cases I work on to be up-to-date and back where everything belongs.  I’ve been pretty busy this week and needed to get myself organized and caught-up.

It would seem that I created quite a situation yesterday while I was at lunch.  I was about 30-minutes late getting back from lunch, which I always put on my time card…I have plenty of time to use for such tardiness and I pretty much restrict such dalliances to Fridays.  The other gal my age, that has been there for almost 30-years, took the afternoon off to tend to a friend’s funeral…that meant there would be a temporary at her desk yesterday afternoon, plus the other two younger gals in our group.

It seems that when I didn’t return promptly from lunch, the young gal that is only into black guys got her butt all up in the air. She hasn’t taken a lunch all week because she’s been late to work at least 2 days of the work week…and then if one goes back over the past couple of months, she took an unexpected week off when she had a tubal pregnancy rupture…she’s currently living with her last baby’s daddy and bragging about having sex every night…okay, I would imagine you would be having sex every night if you’re living with a 24-year-old and you’re 32…nevertheless, she’s finally living her dream by living with the baby’s daddy in a trailer in the country where the baby’s daddy’s own mother is helping take care of the 18-month old grandson, as well as fixing up the trailer…can you see there’s quite a bit of drama just from this little bit????

I don’t begrudge anyone their personal drama…nor do I begrudge anyone there space at work, but don’t come raining on my parade when you can’t get your flipping work done because you’re on the GD internet/cell phone/office phone with your GD personal drama all damned work day when you’re actually IN the office.

I did send a text to the gal I sit next to that I was running late…she didn’t text me back right away and when I did look to see if I had any messages later in the afternoon, her response to my text came up…apparently in her mind they were “covered up” and I needed to get back.  WTF?????? They were all pissy when I came in 30-minutes late but nothing was said to me other than the one gal snipping at me about some documents that I may have put back in files on the shelves 3-weeks ago.  This same gal mentioned several times through-out the afternoon that she hadn’t taken a lunch all work week…which I sat there and didn’t say a word.  It was her choice not to take a lunch all week, her decision and her decision alone.  I never said a word but wanted to pop-off that if she had been at her desk on time every morning as well as not having to take a week-off to recover from a tubal pregnancy rupture, she might be able to take it easy and take a lunch…oh, let’s not forget smoking in the women’s restroom several times a day…

So, I got back to all of my work, which that pisses everyone else off because I’m not able to pick up the slack in their work load…amazing how rude and crude…no, just downright stupid some of the gals are that I work with…wears me out!!!

Okay, enough venting, time to hit the shower and get my ass in gear…have a great Saturday!!!

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