Letter To My Submissive…

My dear subbie,

Mistress enjoyed your e-mail of Wednesday (Hump Day).  It’s always so fun to find a note from you and read what is going on in dear subbie’s life. Yes, your e-mails still bring a smile to this Mistress’ lips when she reads the directions of dear subbie’s thoughts.

Mistress has had one of those unfortunate life-happening weeks.  Two deaths in one week can really bring things down, but a necessary part of life.  Both deaths were of dear women that have been in my life, one much more than the other…

The first death was of a dear woman that was the mother of my youngest brother’s best friend.  She died quietly in her sleep on Sunday into Monday.  A blessing if there is one to be found in death.  While one is never really ready to turn loose of a dear one, I find it somewhat comforting to think that if the passing was gentle and quiet, it was simply that person’s time to go…their number came up and they were ready to take the hand of the angel sent to fetch them.

I find it interesting how different people’s thought processes are on the issue of death.  While I was raised in several different Christian churchs/congregations…I’ve found comfort in creating my own ideas of what happens when one dies.  More so with the death of my own mother…and have decided that the whole concept is a work-in-progress.

I have learned that every single person deals with death and grief so VERY differently.

The other passing was a woman that practically raised me and my siblings.  My sister was the daughter the woman and her husband would never have.  The woman was barren which is always tragic, but there were never any options discussed, at least, not that I remember or recall.  My sister filled the bill when it came to having a new baby around and living next door to my family or rather my family having moved in next door to this childless couple was a blessing for both households.

This woman and her husband were like another set of grandparents.  They were always there for us and took care of us when my own parents were caught in the throes of early family-hood…my mother had serious psychiatric problems when we were little…between this wonderful couple next door and my biological grandparents on my dad’s side and maternal grandmother from my mom…me and my three other siblings were raised.

This woman taught me how to cook, sew and clean house…something my mother was never able to do for one reason or another…I can’t help but remember all the fond memories of prom dresses and “outfits” for everyday that this woman made for me and my sister.

The sad part of this woman’s passing is that she died a slow and painful, struggling death…dementia had set in quite rudely over the last couple of months.  The woman’s dear husband of 65 years was at her side and was so distraught when he admitted he could no longer care for his wife on his own.  My sister assisted in finding a suitable assisted living center that specialized in care for those with Alzheimer and dementia…how incredibly expensive that was…and it became a reality that this was not enough care for the dear woman.  After many trips to the hospital over a few weeks…the recommendation from the doctors was full nursing care and to make her comfortable.

I can think of no crueler death than that from the loss of one’s mind…the body soon follows suit and starts to shut down…it is so difficult to watch and more so when you’re directly involved with that person…and then it finally ends.  It is a blessing of sorts if you can find a blessing in death…out of pain, out of suffering, out of the blasted body that held the person captive during that horrible time.

Mistress was able to enjoy one lowly submissive this week…a new client to the fold.  Unfortunately, this submissive doesn’t hold a candle to Mistress’ dear subbie…I do my best not to compare those that serve me, but the reality is that dear subbie provides Mistress with the “whole package!”

Mistress works with what she has before her but that doesn’t mean she necessarily likes the package before her…in other words, the vessel of this submissive was sorely lacking…extremely over-weight with a hang-over in front that made finding his cock-meat a real challenge!!!  Of course, the cock always seems three times smaller when hidden under folds of skin and fat…but Mistress is determined to bring forth the desired results, though the thought process of having that cock-meat near Mistress’ smoothly shaved pussy never really becomes an issue…

So my dear subbie…Mistress will be attending a funeral on Saturday morning…and then a viewing on Sunday afternoon and another funeral at noon on Monday.  I’m going to take off of work on Monday and devote my time and attention to the dear man that is left behind by his wife of 65-years.  The dear woman was a few years older than her husband, she was 90 to be 91 in April when she passed yesterday…then it will be back to the grind of things on Tuesday.

Good news for my oldest son the Trooper.  His transfer  went through yesterday and he will assume his new duty on Monday evening.  He will be working the night shift and will no longer need to leave his patrol car at my house.  I’m happy for him but sad that I won’t be seeing him on any type of consistent basis.  I’m trying to rejoice in gaining my ability to session when I desire back…but at the same time, sad to see that chapter come to a close.

I hope dear subbie has a good weekend…Mistress is so hoping that this winter crud comes to an end as we head into March…take care and write when you can…Mistress does love hearing from you.

Sensually, sincerely,
Mistress Elizabeth

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